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People are the driving force of change. At VolunteerEasy we’re simplifying the process of connecting people with volunteer opportunities around the country and helping nonprofits manage those vital relationships.



We understand that your money drives your mission. VolunteerEasy was created to provide any size organization a way to simplify volunteer management and lower overall administrative costs.

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Recruiting, approving and managing your volunteers are all easier with VolunteerEasy’s customization features.

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Effective communication with your organization’s volunteers has to be a two-way street. VolunteerEasy simplifies the way you stay in touch with your volunteers and vice versa. Learn more.

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Regardless of what your organization’s mission is or the number of volunteers it takes to deliver your programs to the community, VolunteerEasy makes the task of scheduling, managing and adapting to those needs a breeze. Learn more.

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What could be better than having current information at your fingertips anytime and anywhere?

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Free Support

The best way for you to manage your organization is by focusing on your mission. Free support for VolunteerEasy means you don’t have to waste time and resources troubleshooting challenges. Just give us a call.

Safe and Secure

Security of your data is critical in order to maintain trust and integrity. Although VolunteerEasy is extremely affordable, we don’t sacrifice security for low cost.

Cloud-Based Program

Save time and hassle with auto updates, access 24 hours per day, and by integrating organizations into the system.

Volunteer Portal

The Volunteer Portal will allow your organizations volunteers to not only apply for opportunities online but also manage their schedules, fill openings and log hours. Of course, the extent to which you want to empower your volunteers is entirely in your control with VolunteerEasy.